The story of Asami Geisha®

Nourishing anti-aging cream for young, wrinkle-free skin

Japanese geishas are known for their flawless and smooth skin.

Their secret: Uguisu No Fun.


The story:

The term "Geisha Facial" refers to Uguisu No Fun. In 1600, Japanese geishas were already using nightingale droppings (Uguisu No Fun) for their beauty care. Geishas used white makeup known as oshiroi, which contained zinc and lead, causing many problems, such as skin diseases. It was almost impossible to remove using conventional methods. However, the special enzymes in Uguisu No Fun cleaned the damaged skin and regenerated it at the same time. In the process, the geishas noticed that their skin became softer, more radiant, but also smoother.

Asami Geisha has taken this centuries-old tradition and, through a complex process, developed a face cream that uses precisely these properties and combines them with other, innovative active ingredients.

How does Asami Geisha work?

Nightingales produce valuable feces (Uguisu No Fun) on special farms. The songbirds are fed exclusively with plant seeds. For example, the feces contain the urea well-known in cosmetics and the enzyme guanine. Uguisu No Fun is a real marvel. From this, Asami Geisha has created the perfect combination: It contains guanine with its shimmering effect and moisturizing urea, plus proteins and enzymes that facilitate skin renewal. The enzyme guanine is one of the four building blocks of DNA responsible for skin rejuvenation. It is rich in amino acids and cleanses and regenerates the skin. In addition, proteolytic enzymes act directly on the keratin layer of the skin. The skin texture improves, and the pores are smoothed. Acne and blemishes disappear immediately. The skin's aging process is stopped.


The nightingales' Uguisu No Fun is disinfected by high-frequency ultraviolet light and then ground into a fine powder.

The result:

Asami Geisha nourishes and smoothes the skin while fading pigmentation spots. The skin becomes softer and more radiant. The effect starts immediately and the skin regenerates.

Asami Geisha provides a flawless, youthful appearance and conjures up a beautiful complexion. Walk in the footsteps of the geishas and experience a true beauty miracle.


Apply a small amount of face cream to the skin in the morning and evening and massage gently.